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Offer your employees a caring and empathetic experience!

The Recharjme offer is the result of numerous exchanges with human resources and users of the service. A research project is also underway to measure the impact of the service in the workplace.

Why our clients buy into our offer

Discover the recharjme effect

A solution adapted to work spaces

Your employees are tired and stressed and this is affecting your business? With Recharjme, you contribute to the well-being and productivity of your workforce!

Responding to the labour shortage

Differentiate yourself by creating a unique work experience! This way, your company is attractive and retains its talents!

Optimal cleanliness

Self-service disinfecting wipes and HEPA and UVC air purifier for a safe experience

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Users describe the experience as very good or excellent

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Users report an increased sense of well-being

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Users report increased productivity

For all industries


Stress and fatigue levels are high in the health care system. Our cabins are present in more than 40 health care facilities and allow hospital employees to recharge and cope with their workload.


To maintain production goals, the manufacturing environment is often stressful for employees. The Recharjme service helps many plant employees stay alert and focused to keep up.

Businesses with offices

Our rest cabins are installed in banks, shared workspaces or video game studios and allow all employees to recharge their batteries right in the workplace.


As a student, the stress and anxiety of performance is well known. Teachers are also subject to stress and fatigue. Many CEGEPs, universities and high schools benefit from the Recharjme service.

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Invest in the well-being of your teams

Healthy employees are more engaged employees!

Success Stories

Desjardins, Hospital and Cégep – 3 locations in Granby

Desjardins, Hospital and Cégep – 3 locations in Granby

The Desjardins caisse of Granby has been a proud partner since the beginning of Recharjme. A booth has been installed there for 5 years now. In fact, it is the second booth ever installed!

Saint Urbain Foundation (CIUSSS Centre Sud)

Saint Urbain Foundation (CIUSSS Centre Sud)

In the summer of 2019, the Urban Health Foundation organized a sports challenge to fund the Recharjme wellness service. The goal for these 13 brave cyclists was to cover 1000 km to raise $1,000 each. Thanks to the online campaign, a total of $16,600 was ultimately raised…

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)

For the past 3 years, we have installed 3 Recharjme rest cabins at the MUHC (Lachine Hospital, Glen site, Montreal General Hospital)…